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Facial recognition based on 3D technology (color and infrared camera) allows face recognition between over 100000 faces in less than 500 ms.
The device also recognizes if you are wearing the mask and otherwise signals the lack.

Temperature monitoring is carried out by remote temperature detection (between 0.7-1m) with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees allowing to avoid any type of contact with the device.

If the temperature of a person exceeds 37.3 C an alarm will be automatically issued by the device recording this anomaly in the internal database, allowing you to keep a database of the temperature of each person.

With an accuracy of 99.9% and a face recognition speed of less than 500ms, the thermoscanner is the optimal tool to keep in your company, hospital, any place open or not to the public if you wish to have an accurate control of the body temperatures of anyone entering.

The thermoscanner is the ideal tool for your business, having a wide range of uses ranging from hospital use to use in schools, from airports to supermarkets, from hotels to theaters.
Thanks to its speed and accuracy will allow you to avoid the creation of queues and will help you to manage more effectively and safely the flow of people in your exercise.

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