Space a three-dimensional holographic projection system that allows you to live a deeply exciting show without the help of special 3d glasses. It is specifically a shelf that allows you to see images floating in the vacuum in high definition. The images appear very sharp and have a strong visual appeal so that the audience is led to interact with the images. SPACE makes all occasions much more interesting and its use is recommended when you want to get special effects such as interaction of virtual holography with real objects.

Each individual product is characterized by his unique identification code 


Like all our products, SPACE uses a proven technology of excellent quality, suitable for intensive use. Ideal positioning on restaurants, shops and bars. This product is fully customizable with the colors you want.

Extremely easy to change 3D holographic content, thanks to the integrated USB port.  Otherwise you can use the dedicated app for Android devices or even through the integrated Digital Sinage platform.

The Space system is patented and gives the possibility to be installed in up & down mode based on customer needs.

Dimensions:  custom size

Resolution:  full HD 1920X1080

Audio Speaker: 2X5

LED lighting with wall wash effect

Power supply: 230 V

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