Matrix is our vision of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and technology that translate into a high-performance holographic suspention.  The exclusive Matrix holographic suspention with its soft lines and timeless design has been designed not only as a piece of furniture, but as an exclusive object able to enhance modern and classic environments.  The wide range of customizations is given by the interpretation of the desire of the individual customer who does not only wants a n olographic suspention, but his Matrix holographic suspention.

Each individual product is characterized by his unique identification code


Create the wonder.
With our customization service you can ensure that your Matrix is a true reflection of your individuality.

The originality of this suspension consists in its squished ovoidal shape cut on two opposite sides to allow the flow of light.

Tcrea wanted to convey the emotion of traditional 3D holographic screens in an article dedicated to art,  fashion and interior design.

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