Tcrea is an innovative company in wich Technlogy and 

Trend merge to create projects of strong Emotional impact.

Every day we engage in the research and experimentation of new technologies to provide our customers with ever new and creative solutions.

Innovation and Technology are at the basis for the creation of high value objects and services which allow us to reach the most diverse fields: from industries, to art; from fashion, to interior design.


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The core business of the company is the development of products that involve users by conveying content in an immediate and easily accessible way.

3D Holography, infographic, photorealistic and conceptual rendering, videomapping, multimedia, digital sinage, nfc and ble are just some of the products and services we work on.

Tcrea is able to develop complex and customizable systems based on customer needs.

Emotions are the most important and natural means to create involvement and interest, which is why all our products are carefully designed to convey emotions.

Our products and services are cocktail of unique recipes, created through the exact ammount of immages, light, sound, color and technology.



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