3Dpix is the latest frontier of innovation in 3d holographic display. This device take holography to the next level, by reducing the overall dimensions and therefore the visual impact of the device, and thanks to its brightness which makes it possible for it to work also in the worst light conditions. The ‘fluctuating’ immages generated by 3dPix, create a magical effect that draws the eye of whoever lies in the surroundings of the device. 3dPix is the perfect Display case for stores and museum installations.
The fully customizable contents can be managed both, in Stand Alone mode (on the spot), or in Cloude mode (remotely).

Each individual product is characterized by his unique identification code 

With our customization service we guarantee that your 3dPix will always be updated and ready to sponsor your brand new product!

The four rotating blades of 3dPix allow to make any product floating thus creating a magical Holographic effect that will amaze the observer.

Tcrea with this product wanted to make available to the customer a non-invasive item with which to promote themselves and obtain amazing results.

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